It’s always better on TOP…with Google!

Why It's Always Better On Top of Google

ROI is top priority when it comes to business investments. Businesses, in all industries, attempt to minimize expenses and maximize revenue. Many business owners view social media marketing as a short term gain for their brand (i.e. how many followers you increase per month or how many new likes you gain via social media channels). Newsflash! Viral marketing is so much bigger than a LIKE or a company’s FOLLOW COUNT! For any business to be successful, one must understand how essential social media and search engine optimization truly are!

Why it’s always better on the top!

Search Engine Optimization ultimately is the process of getting your business to the top of search engine results page (SERP). Tap into that consumer insight! When potential prospects search for your products or services they enter keywords that relate to what they are searching for. Think of SEO and Social Media as in-house training and page 1 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo as “THE POWERHOUSE” sales representative.

SEO 101 – the more you put in the more you get out!

If you are not showing up on page one of the Google search engine results page….then adios my friends you are basically invisible online! You have as much viral visibility as Casper the ghost. 80% of online users won’t even search past the first page of search results and 40% of searchers will only click on the top ranked websites.

This means that websites appearing past Page 1 of Google really do not have the opportunity to benefit from the Google Search real-estate. SEO is not a short term TREND it’s a VALUABLE ASSET that will increase your customer reach, and what we like to refer to as “building your online real-estate.” It ensures that the consumers, who are searching for you, will find you, choose you, and use you!

SEO as a long-term investment

Like most things in life, quality work doesn’t happen at the blink of an eye. Search Engine Optimization is a long term process that requires consistent link upkeep, intensive research, website maintenance, creative content, branding initiatives and constant competitive analysis. Subsequently, it is no surprise that over 90% of businesses utilize some type of Internet presence, either through localized optimization, SEO or social media; to gain leads, increase their customer base or simply just get their name out there. So hang in there my friends, it’s a long journey, but definitely one worth the wait!

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SEO – What is it and Why Every Brand Needs It!

SEO and why every brand needs it - SociallySavvySEO

Have you ever asked a friend a question and gotten the response “Google it”!! Google is a town where everybody talks! When I need a product recommendation, the first place I turn to is GOOGLE. The only way to get your product #1 on Google Search Results is through SEO.

Every brand NEEDS SEO #SocialSavvySEO, here’s a little introduction into the world of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO 101 not hopping on the SEO bandwagon = e-commerce and brand cyber presence falling off the e-map – is that ROI enough!!


What is SEO, Exactly?

Let’s start off with a few terms that you need to know. The SEO in Socially Savvy SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a necessary tool to get your core products and pages found on the front page of Google search. SEO is the process of getting “traffic”, and no I’m not talking about the kind of traffic you see on 610 on a Monday afternoon. The “traffic” I am referring to is from “natural”, ”free”, ”organic”, or “editorial” listings on search engines. The most widespread search engines that implement SEO into their listings are Google, Yahoo, and Bing, that rank based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users, like you, on the web.


How SEO = Results

So why is SEO so fundamental to any business? Essentially, SEO positions your websitecorrectly to be found at critical points in the buying process when people are looking for your brand or services. It creates a seamless user experience while communicating through the search engine your intentions to recommend the best and most relevant searches.


What Search Engines WANT!

Now to our next point; Relevant Searches. What are they are what are they looking for?
Content is king, and is determined by the text, titles, and descriptions.
Performance is the speed behind your site. FAST and FURIOUS is what we are all aiming for!
Be the Authority. Linking up your CONTENT and referencing content is ESSENTIAL!
Provide a seamless User Experience. Providing an ease of use e-experience for the user provides a positive user connection and gives your brand positive recognition in the consumers mind.


WARNING: What Search Engines Are NOT Looking For!

Now comes the WARNING! Being shady or trying to trick people, aka “black hat”, online will not only hurt the user, but hurt you in the long run. Why? Because search engines don’t want keyword stuffing, a term we use to describe the overuse of keywords on a page. They also avoid buying links that will get you nowhere when it comes to the purpose of SEO. So be warned, search engines spiders will catch you in in that web and discredit all cyber brand references.

Finally, Multi-channels let you implement your branding strategy throughout different media platforms. The multi-channel platform approach that Socially Savvy SEO executes, allows for brands to get social with your brand advocates, users, followers, and fans. Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Email, and Instagram this multi-channel approach and keyword strategy is essential. When using a multi-channel approach, be sure to be consistent with campaigns, branding efforts, specific phrases and words you’re brand has set as e-commerce targets.


Don’t Get Left Behind With SEO!

Don’t get left behind! Web SEO and internet marketing stats are up an average of 9% a year. If you don’t your competition will or already has started.

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